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This custom, handcrafted shaving brush features a blend of emanating and shimmering pearlescent purples, capped with a solid black ribbed ferrule that is topped with a 24mm High Mountain White knot. Truly a beautiful thing!

Because it comes from the neck and muzzle area of the badger, High Mountain White is the rarest and highest grade of badger hair. It has the softest and most luxurious natural tips and usually the most defined colour contrast with its distinct black band and white creamy tip. The hair is generally finer resulting in a denser knot that can hold more water, while remaining extremely soft. This allows it to easily produce a rich and dense lather, resulting in a superb shave. High Mountain White is the standard against which all other badger hair is measured!

Knot Type: High Mountain White
Knot Style: Bulb
Knot Diameter: 24mm
Knot Loft: 50mm
Brush Height: 122mm / 4.8″ (4 13/16″)
Brush Weight: 86g / 3.03 oz
Handle Material: Resin