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This solid Black Walnut shaving brush with its ringed handle and 24mm super high-density Manchurian Two Band badger knot is standout elegant in its simplicity!

Black Walnut’s rich brown colouration, striking grain and overall beauty, combined with it’s durability, makes it one of the world’s most popular woods. It will certainly add a bit of elegance to any shave den!

Two Band Manchurian is clearly identified by its beautiful, distinct two band color pattern. Its long and striking white, creamy, natural tips sharply contrast with the dark black band that extends all the way down to the base. These knots are made up of the thicker badger hairs, creating a strong backbone that is great for exfoliation without being scratchy and whips up a rich lather with soaps and creams. The super high-density style adds up to an incredible 12% more hair! The Manchurian Two Bander is especially preferred by many wet shaving enthusiasts and collectors!

Knot Type: Manchurian Two Band SHD
Knot Style: Fan
Knot Diameter: 24mm
Knot Loft: 48mm
Brush Height: 114mm / 4.5″ (4 1/2″)
Brush Weight: 64g / 2.26 oz
Handle Material: Wood: Black Walnut


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