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3-Piece Set – Aramis

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This beautiful, traditional-style, matching three piece shaving set features:

  • Aramis, a handcrafted Black Walnut shaving brush with a 24mm Silvertip knot with a 51mm loft. The overall height is 119mm / 4.69″ (4 11/16″) and the weight is 55g / 1.9 oz.

  • A handcrafted Black Walnut razor handle with a Gillette Fusion head that has an elegant gun-metal finish.

  • An equally elegant stand with Black Walnut pedestal and gun-metal finish.

Silvertip Badger knots are synonymous with high-quality shave gear! They are soft and luxurious and have the characteristic colour contrast of a black band and white creamy tip. A top quality knot that easily produces a rich and dense lather, resulting in a superb shave.

Black Walnut’s rich brown colouration, striking grain and overall beauty, combined with it’s durability, makes it one of the world’s most popular woods.

This is a modern take on a true classic and definitely one that will please!

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