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Check this out! It’s totally unique! The blue-black top and bottom of this shave brush handle contain a clear view body that encapsulates a rich blue funnel. (Sorry, I couldn’t get photos that captures the full beauty of this one!)

Choose the handle only or add your favourite knot below.

Please note that the knots shown in the photos are not set, nor are they the knot that will be used if you choose a knot installed. The knots you see here are used for photo purposes only and have just been placed in the handle to give you some idea what the different knots will look like. Therefore, they may appear to be sitting higher than normal, quite possibly look a bit tilted and even look a little frayed. If you choose to purchase a handle with knot you can be assured that a brand new knot will be used and that it will be set professionally and properly. 🙂
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