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Pen – Sovereign Style

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Made with all stainless steel hardware with a Black Cherry burl body this Sovereign style ballpoint pen is a testimony to craftsmanship! This is a fine writing instrument that displays elegance and class and writes with a comfortable feel.

Black Cherry is a local wood to Eastern North America and the heartwood is a medium reddish brown. The wild swirling figure of the burl is astounding!

Pen Style: Ballpoint
Design Style: Sovereign
Hardware: Stainless Steel
Refill: Schmidt P900 / Parker
Body Material: Wood / Black Cherry Burl

To operate, simply twist the end cap to the right to advance the Schmidt P900 / Parker style ballpoint from the nib and twist the end cap to the left to return.

Note: Schmidt P900 / Parker ink refills are usually available in any office supplies store as well as online. It is easily replaced by simply unscrewing the nib section, removing the old refill, inserting the new refill and then screwing the nib section back on.

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