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This shaving brush is made of wood from the majestic Maple tree. Maple is a very popular domestic wood valued for its beauty and durability. The colour ranges from a creamy white to a light reddish brown. An excellent choice for a shaving brush!

With the same great black and white look of the Tuxedo and Black Tie but with a stronger backbone the Luxedo is a true dream to shave with! The feel of the stronger backbone is similar to a Badger Two-Bander making it a perfect choice for both face and bowl latherers.

Knot Type: Luxedo Synthetic
Knot diameter: 24mm
Knot Loft: 52mm
Brush Height: 119mm / 4.69″ (4 11/16″)
Brush Weight: 56g / 1.97 oz
Handle: Wood / Maple

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