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Strands of wispy white intertwined with shades of gold metallic and cola gives so much depth to this jumbo sized shaving brush that it’s hard to describe. It’s a fitting handle for the large, 30mm original Tuxedo synthetic knot. All we can say is awesome, just awesome!

The Tuxedo is the original black and white shaving knot! The knot is named not only after its black and white appearance, but because it gives a truly luxurious experience to your shaving routine. The performance of this knot has the ease of lathering of the common “Plisson” style synthetic with some unique differences. It is believed that this knot has a similar feel to the “Game Changer” knot with similar tips to that of the “Uber Soft” knot. It seems to be almost a hybrid between the two.

Knot Type: Tuxedo Synthetic
Knot Style: Bulb
Knot Diameter: 30mm
Knot Loft: 55mm
Brush Height: 116mm / 4.56″ (4 9/16″)
Brush Weight: 106g / 3.74 oz
Handle Style – Bigun
Handle Material: Custom Resin / Goldenhair


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