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The swirling browns, off-white and copper of this handcrafted handle contrasts dramatically with the cream colour of the Cashmere knot, creating an outstanding shaving brush that would be a welcomed addition to your shave den!

The Cashmere knot is one of THE softest we have ever felt to date! The hair in this knot is super thin, providing you with one of the softest knots you’ll ever feel on your face. However, the extra density of the knot provides you with that backbone needed to provide a creamy lather. The thin hair and extra density pair perfectly in this knot to give you a fantastic shaving experience!

Knot Type: Cashmere Synthetic
Knot Diameter: 24mm
Knot Loft: 50mm
Brush Height: 113mm / 4.44″ (4 7/16”)
Brush Weight: 80g / 2.82 oz
Handle: Resin / Chocolate Malt

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