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Slant Handle Shave Bowl

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Not only is this handcrafted pottery shave bowl aesthetically pleasing but the slanted thumb handle design and sidewall texture allows it to be comfortably held in your hand without the fear of dropping it. And the medium aggressive texture of the geometric design on the inside bottom of the bowl lets you quickly build a lather without damaging your shaving brush bristles. It’s a beauty to hold and a beauty to behold!

Please note that this shaving bowl is for a left-handed person and it is to be held with your right hand (see photo), allowing your left hand free to hold and swirl your shaving brush.

Colour: Green
Diameter: 10.95cm / 4.31″ (4 5/16″)
Height: 5.56cm / 2.19″ (2 3/16″)
Bottom Texture: Medium Aggressive

Note: Sorry, the sale is for the shaving bowl only. The shaving brush, razor, accessories, etc. are only for demonstration purposes and are not included.


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