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Pen – Sedariz Style

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This popular Sedariz style rollerball pen has an exceptional design that puts it in a class of its own! The body is made of 120 small pieces of African Blackwood, Cherrywood, Maple and Bloodwood that cleverly twists around itsself creating a mesmerizing piece.

In addition to the unique segmented wood design the rounded tips, the gracefully flared clip, the decorative center band, the hexagonal nib and the cobalt gold finish combine to create a writing instrument that offers an very distinguished look.

This pen also uses a ceramic tipped Schmidt 888 refill for an ultra-smooth and effortless writing experience plus a postable cap.

Pen Style: Two-Piece Rollerball
Postable: Yes
Design Style: Sedariz
Plating: Cobalt Gold Finish
Refill: Schmidt 888 Refill
Body Material: Wood / Blackwood, Cherry, Maple, Bloodwood

Note: The Schmidt 888 ink refill is available in any office supplies store and it is easily replaced by simply unscrewing the nib section, removing the old refill, inserting the new refill and then screwing the nib section back on.

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