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Pen – Ele Gante Style

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With its grand size and ornate appearance this Ele Gante style writing instrument certainly commands attention. The titanium gold cap inset, decorative clip, centre band and accent band set against the silver plate complements the beautifully contrasting royal yellow sapwood and the equally stunning onyx-coloured heartwood of the exotic African Blackwood body, creating one of the finest rollerballs in our listing.

African Blackwood, or Mpingo in Swahili, is an exotic wood that comes from the dry savanna regions of central and southern Africa and is considered to be among the hardest and densest of woods in the world.

Pen Style: Two-Piece Ballpoint
Design Style: Ele Gante
Postable: No
Plating: Titanium Gold & Silver Plate
Refill: Schmidt 888 Refill
Body Material: Wood / African Blackwood

Note: The Schmidt 888 ink refill is available in any office supplies store and it is easily replaced by simply unscrewing the nib section, removing the old refill, inserting the new refill and then screwing the nib section back on.

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