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Classic Beard Oil

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Enjoy the quality of Artful Dodger beard oil without the scent! Great for those who prefers to keep it simple or for pairing with your favorite cologne.

There is slight nutty smell that comes from using unrefined cold pressed natural oils.

Ingredients: Apricot kernel, Argan, Jojoba, and Hemp seed. No essential oils used.

Benefits: Less or no itch, softer, flake free beard, healthy hydrated skin, healthier beard growth

And it's not just for beards! It's also great for those who have razor burn!

Artful Dodger Beard Oil is a grape seed and preservative free formula made from all natural high quality carrier and essential oils. It is non greasy and absorbs quickly into the beard, leaving a slight shine with a well groomed look.

Try the Artful Dodger Difference!

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