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Chainmail Bracelet

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Giving a classy glimpse just below the cuff of your dress shirt or a laid back easy look with your favourite jeans and t-shirt the powerful subtlety of this handcrafted chainmail bracelet stands out!

This Double Double style bracelet is a clean, simple and easy to wear 7mm Stainless Steel chainmail with a 18mm easy open Stainless Steel Eaglebeak clasp.

Our Stainless Steel chainmail bracelets will not tarnish and never need to be polished!

Style: Double Double
Size: 19cm (7 1/2″”) total length.

Fits wrists 17.75cm (7″) to 18.42cm ( 7 1/4″)

(Use a flexible measuring tape to measure the EXACT size of your wrist. If you do not have a flexible tape measure you can use a piece of string. Wrap the string around your wrist, mark it and then measure the length of the string with a ruler.)

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