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It’s easy to see why purple was once restricted to only royalty! This Gumdrop style shaving brush handle features a swirling blend of light and dark purples, mixed with a bit of gold, all on a drape of white.

Crowning it off is a contrasting Black Tie synthetic knot that not only dramatically complements it but adds a regal flair! This black and white synthetic knot is very, very similar to the Tuxedo and offers the same top-class quality and shaving experience. Truly an outstanding knot with the high quality that you expect! It feels so soft and luxurious and easily creates a billowing lather. A popular choice!

Knot Type: Black Tie Synthetic
Knot diameter: 24mm
Knot Loft: 52mm
Brush Height: 108mm / 4.25″ (4 1/4″)
Brush Weight: 81g / 2.86 oz