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With it’s turbulent array of sea greens, yellow golds, greys and black and then accented with whitecaps, this Travel Bob shaving brush easily reminds one of the great North Atlantic! It is topped with a Black Tie knot, creating an even more unique look.

The Travel Bob handle, or “Bob” for short (for short is what it is!) is a full featured handle but with a shorter, and therefore lighter, handle. Great for everyday use and perfect for travel!

The Black Tie synthetic knot offers an extraordinary shaving experience. Truly an outstanding knot with the high quality that you expect. It feels so soft and luxurious and easily creates a billowing lather.

“It may be small but it’s big on shaving!”

Knot Type: Black Tie Synthetic
Knot Style: Bulb
Knot diameter: 24mm
Knot Loft: 50mm
Brush Height: 108mm / 4.25″ (4 1/4″)
Brush Weight: 62g / 2.19 oz
Handle Style – Travel Bob
Handle: Custom Resin / Golorina


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