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3-Piece Set – Lyra

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This beautiful, traditional-style, three piece shaving set features:

  • A handcrafted resin handled shaving brush with a 24mm Luxedo knot with a 52mm loft. The overall height is 116mm / 4.56″ (4 9/16″) and the weight is 85g / 3.0 oz.

    With the same great black and white look of the Tuxedo and Black Tie but with a stronger backbone the Luxedo is a true dream to shave with! The feel of the stronger backbone is similar to a Badger Two-Bander making it a perfect choice for bowl latherers and face latherers that like minimal splay.

  • A handcrafted resin handled safety razor handle with a closed comb head that has a chrome finish and is 108mm / 4.25″ (4 1/4″) long and weighs 67g / 2.36 oz.

  • A beautifully handcrafted Oak wood stand that is 152.4mm / 6″ tall with an approximate 9cm / 3.5″ (3 1/2″) diameter base.

    Possibly the most popular hardwood in the United States and Canada, Red Oak is a strong and hard with a distinct large contrasting grain.

This is a modern take on a true classic and definitely one that will please!


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